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Case Study: Chris & Lisa

Crypto Doubters Double Super In Under 2 Years…

A bit about Chris & Lisa:

Chris & Lisa were introduced to Hiddup through a friend, and initially had a bit of scepticism towards cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. After a few more conversations with their account representative, Chris & Lisa decided to invest a small amount of $2000 in mid 2018.

While this amount didn’t seem like much at the time, Chris & Lisa’s small amount of $2000 has to date generated approximately $4995.91 – that’s a 228.43% ROI in just 3 short years. 

It was this level of success that lead them to invest further with NGS, this time using their superannuation. After setting up an SMSF, Chris & Lisa started with $40,000 in their first super-based IMA just over a year after their first investment.  

In under 2 years, Chris & Lisa were able to double their invested super – withdrawing $44,516.99 in profit. This return of 113.52% has lead them to continue with NGS, setting up another IMA in their SMSF. 

We couldn’t be happier for Chris & Lisa and what they’ve been able to achieve, and can’t wait to see the results of their new IMA over the next 5 years!

Invested WithCash & Superannuation
Total Agreements3
First AgreementJuly 2018
Starting Amount$2000.00
Total Invested$86,400.00
Currently Invested$86,400.00
Withdrawals To Date
Withdrawn0.80891272 BTC
Approx. Value$44,516.99
Current Position
Current Balance0.20552337 BTC
Current Approx. Balance$64,525.14
Overall Position
Total Rewards1.01443609 BTC
Total Gain$49,978.59
Overall Position$136,378.59
Total ROI57.85%

Case Study Disclaimer:

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