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Subscribing With Superannuation

SMSF Crypto Mining

Earn up to 16% P.A. through a self managed super fund.

You may have heard of buying crypto through an SMSF, but did you know you can mine cryptocurrency through one as well? Learn more about how you can utilise blockchain mining through your self managed super fund with Hiddup.

Minimum SMSF amounts apply – click here for full details or visit our mining calculator

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SMSF Crypto Mining

Why People Are Switching Over to Crypto Mining through their SMSF

1. We Pay Our Members Between 6%- 16% Per Annum
Our self managed super fund packages offer minimum fixed rate returns of up to 16% per annum.
2. We Refund Members Initial Capital In-Full, At the Completion of Your Term
Once your self managed super fund (SMSF crypto) term has concluded, we will refund you 100% of your initial capital.
3. We Will Refund Members Initial Capital In-Full, If Blockchain Mining Becomes Unprofitable
In the unlikely event that crypto mining becomes unprofitable, we will refund our customers their initial capital in full.
4. We Pay Our Members a Fixed-Rate Of Return
NGS Group will honour the minimum fixed rate as stated in your smsf crypto mining agreement. These minimum returns will be locked in for the remainder of your term without fluctuation.
5. We Pay Members Daily
As an Hiddup Group customer, your returns are calculated and paid out into your account daily in Bitcoin. Here you are free to withdraw or transact with your returns as you see fit.

Calculate Your Minimum Returns

 Want to find out how much you could be earning with a crypto SMSF through blockchain mining with Hiddup Group? Use our mining returns calculator to find out your minimum fixed-rate returns. 

How does it work?

  1. Select your package
  2. Enter your superannuation amount
  3. Calculate your daily, annual and full-term rewards



How Much Do You REALLY Need To Self-Fund Your Retirement?

The short answer, is there is no ‘set’ amount…it will all depend on how you want to live.

However, the Money Smart Website there are some guidelines:

They recommend having around $545,000 as a single or a staggering $640,000 as a couple in your super for a ‘comfortable’ retirement.  While these figures are likely a shock to the system now, the frightening outlook is that this number may get much, much higher through inflation…

This graph indicates the Australian M1 Money supply over the last 10 years…

A graph that should ring warning bells for anyone who plans to retire in Australia, yet sadly means very little.

Here’s what it means in short:

The Australian M1 Money Supply has added nearly $1 Trillion dollars in just the last 10 years.  (To put that in perspective, that’s an increase of $1000 Billion dollars.)  Or around a 238% in money circulation…

So what affect does this have on your retirement?

It means that even if you do everything right, and accumulate the ‘recommended’ amount in your super, by the time you retire, this supposed nest-egg still may not be enough; severely jeopardising your life-long financial dream of retirement…

Leading to more years in the workforce, less to spend, and a dramatic shift in the retirement you deserve after a lifetime of hard work.

Australian M1 Money supply over the last 10 years

Why Almost 50% Of Retiring Australians Rely On The Pension As Their Main Income Source

According to the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) 2018-2019 report on Australian retirement, they found that the full single rate age pension only provides around 27% of full-time adult average weekly earnings. ABS (2018)

This same report that found that 49-50% of men, and 44-45% of women rely on this as their MAIN source of income.  Now, this could be an assumption – but I think it’s fair to say that if you’re reading this, you DON’T want to end up pension-reliant in retirement.

Chances are, you’ll want to spend your golden years in your own mortgage-free home, traveling and living your golden years to the fullest, and still having enough left over to give the kids a good head start!

Here’s a quick litmus test to tell if you’re taking your super seriously:

  • When was the last time you checked your superannuation balance?
  • What is your current super account balance (to nearest $1000)
  • Who is your super invested with (fund and account manager)?
  • What exactly is it invested in?
  • What are your current returns?
  • What is your current risk profile?
  • What is your forecasted retirement amount?

If you’re struggling to answer even one of these questions, then congratulations on receiving a well overdue wakeup call that will likely change the next 20-40 years of your life.

And FYI your current super fund probably doesn’t want you reading this!

Real World Results

Member Case Studies


How Stephen Made Over $225,000 In Just Over 3 Years

Stephen was an experienced investor when he first heard about Hiddup. While the idea sounded good, like other members, he wanted to put our claims to the test, initially investing around $20,000 in Mid-2018. Upon generating an approximate return of 96.52% on his initial capital, Stephen made the decision to invest approximately $150,000, around 5 months later. 

To date of this writing (July 2021), this IMA has generated Stephen around $143,259.62 (or 96.72%) return on initial capital. In late 2019 Stephen chose to setup an IMA within his SMSF (Self-managed super fund). In less than 2 years, he’s been able to generate around a 64.47% – giving him an average return of approximately 32.24% per year… 

We’re incredibly thankful for Stephen’s faith in Hiddup, and grateful to have been part of his journey. We wish him and his family continued success and can’t wait to see the evolving effects on his financial future and retirement.

Invested WithCash & Superannuation
Total Agreements4
First AgreementJuly 2018
Starting Amount$19,898
Total Invested$267,990.92
Currently Invested$248,092.92
Withdrawals To Date
Withdrawn11.97573752 BTC
Approx. Value$156,232.81
Current Position
Current Balance2.22919656 BTC
Current Approx. Balance$70,725.27
Overall Position
Total Rewards14.20493408 BTC
Total Gain$226,958.08
Overall Position$494,949.00
Total ROI84.69%
Shane & Eliza

How Shane & Eliza Generated over $206,000 With Hiddup Group In Just Over 3 Years…

Shane & Eliza first got involved with Hiddup in mid-2018, starting with a small amount of $1000. Within just 2 months, they went ahead with their 2nd IMA, valued at around $40,000. Over the next 6-8 months, they were able to generate approximately 142.89% return on their initial $40,000. 

Shane & Eliza then made the decision to setup an IMA using their SMSF (Self-Managed Super Fund) signing a 3-year (36 month) agreement, worth $150,000. Shane & Eliza have since invested a further $40,000 (cash) through a 4th IMA in early 2021.

Invested WithCash & Superannuation
Total Agreements4
First AgreementJune 2018
Starting Amount$1000.00
Total Invested$231,000.00
Currently Invested$231,000.00
Withdrawals To Date
Withdrawn9.11365575 BTC
Approx. Value$171,804.02
Current Position
Current Balance1.08297514 BTC
Current Approx. Balance$34,359.34
Overall Position
Total Rewards10.19663089 BTC
Total Gain$206,163.36
Overall Position$437,163.36
Total ROI89.25%

How Christine Made 81.36% On Her Super In Just Over 2 Years…

After being made aware of digital assets and cryptocurrency by friends at work, Christine did have an understanding of them, however, had never been involved. After getting a call from Hiddup, she decided to get involved with a small $500 investment. While this ‘throwaway’ amount didn’t seem like much to Christine, in under 3 years, it has generated a staggering 181.58% ROI.

But it didn’t take Christine that long to realise that the system was working. After just 8-months as an Hiddup Group member, she was confident enough in the returns to invest a further $120,000 after setting up an SMSF. With a total return to date of approximately $98,534.57 or around 81.77% Christine has come a long way from her $500 initial IMA.

Invested WithCash & Superannuation
Total Agreements2
First AgreementNovember 2018
Starting Amount$500.00
Total Invested$120,500.00
Currently Invested$120,500.00
Withdrawals To Date
Withdrawn2.03377396 BTC
Approx. Value$64,525.14
Current Position
Current Balance1.00050000 BTC
Current Approx. Balance$34,009.43
Overall Position
Total Rewards3.03427396 BTC
Total Gain$98,534.57
Overall Position$219,034.57
Total ROI81.77%

From $500 to over $340,000 Invested With Hiddup Group In Just Over 3 Years…

Mark started with Hiddup in January 2018 with just a small $500 investment. Feeling a bit hesitant about the process, the potential returns and cryptocurrency in general, he started out with an amount he felt ‘comfortable to lose’. After understanding the system, how and where his returns were paid, and seeing first-hand the results, Mark realised that he could replicate these results with a greater amount of around $50,000. 

After another year of consistent returns, Mark went on to setup an IMA using his superannuation (via an SMSF) valued at around $118,000 (over 2 IMAs). Over the last 2 years, Mark has continued investing with Hiddup Group – putting another $160,000 (cash) into 3 new IMAs. From starting with a small investment of just $500, he has now invested over $340,000 across 10 agreements.

Invested WithCash & Superannuation
Total Agreements10
First AgreementJanuary 2018
Starting Amount$500.00
Total Invested$341,499.61
Currently Invested$289,247.61
Withdrawals To Date
Withdrawn9.52792567 BTC
Approx. Value$72,214.26
Current Position
Current Balance6.64796013 BTC
Current Approx. Balance$210,918.50
Overall Position
Total Rewards16.17588580 BTC
Total Gain$283,132.76
Overall Position$572,380.37
Total ROI82.91%

From Initial $2000 to over $250,000 With Hiddup Group In Just 26 Months…

Dave first heard about Hiddup in early 2019, setting up an Cash IMA of $2000 to test the system. After seeing his results, Dave went on to invest $165,000 through his SMSF in Mid 2019. In around 2 years, this investment has yielded around $80,000, or an approximate return of 48.64%.

After testing, and proving the Hiddup Group model, Dave has continued to invest – setting up a further 4 IMAs, worth around $90,000. We’re thrilled that Dave has been able to these results, and wish him all the best in his performance moving forward.

Invested WithCash & Superannuation
Total Agreements6
First AgreementFebruary 2019
Starting Amount$2000.00
Total Invested$256,671.00
Currently Invested$120,500
Withdrawals To Date
Withdrawn4.60385621 BTC
Approx. Value$86,013.54
Current Position
Current Balance0.24763962 BTC
Current Approx. Balance$7,856.81
Overall Position
Total Rewards4.85149583 BTC
Total Gain$93,870.35
Overall Position$350,541.35
Total ROI36.57%

Kylie Invests $198,000 Of Super Over 8 Months, Makes 45.39% ROI

When we first spoke to Kylie about Blockchain Mining, Hiddup, and the prospect of getting involved in blockchain, she was very interested. Knowing that she needed more in retirement, Kylie quickly went on to setup her first IMA through an SMSF, with an initial investment of around $178,000. Within the next year, she rolled another $20,000 into her 2nd IMA. In under 2 years, she’s been able to mine around 3.78720570 BTC – giving her an approximate return to date of around 45.39% (or approximately $90,000).

With her year-on-year returns generating around 22.7%, we wish Kylie all the best with her retirement and life goals.

Invested WithSuperannuation
Total Agreements2
First AgreementNovember 2019
Starting Amount$178,006.00
Total Invested$198,006.00
Currently Invested$198,006.00
Withdrawals To Date
Withdrawn2.09991390 BTC
Approx. Value$20,119.42
Current Position
Current Balance1.68729180 BTC
Current Approx. Balance$69,749.66
Overall Position
Total Rewards3.78720570 BTC
Total Gain$89,869.09
Overall Position$287,875.09
Total ROI45.39%
Tom & Diana

Tom & Diana roll $278,000 Of Super Into Mining Agreement…

Being a high earning family, Tom & Diana were looking for stability for their capital and a way to diversify their risk against their existing investment portfolio. After discussion with their Hiddup account representative, they came to the decision that the best way to invest would be using their superannuation (via an SMSF). Opting to invest in a ‘Sun’ package, their initial investment was $278,000.

After setting up their account in August 2020, Tom & Diana were able to capitalise on the rise in BTC price, issuing their first withdrawal 6 months later for approximately $43,600. Since then, in just under 12-months, they’ve been able to generate an approximate gain of $62,500 – giving them a 22.49% return on  investment in under a year.

While this was just their first IMA, we hope that Tom & Diana will continue to see fantastic returns, and we have greatly appreciated their business.

Invested WithSuperannuation
Total Agreements1
First AgreementAugust 2020
Starting Amount$278,000
Total Invested$278,000
Currently Invested$278,000
Withdrawals To Date
Withdrawn1.25340375 BTC
Approx. Value$46,854.99
Current Position
Current Balance0.49347415 BTC
Current Approx. Balance$15,656.36
Overall Position
Total Rewards1.7468779 BTC
Total Gain$62,511.35
Overall Position$340,511.35
Total ROI22.49%

Michelle starts with a $1000 agreement, rolls over $180,000 Super With Hiddup Group

Even though Michelle was introduced to Hiddup by a friend, she still lacked a bit of faith in the process, cryptocurrency and the promised returns. Starting with a small amount of $1000, she invested an amount she could afford to lose – not thinking much of it at the time.

Flashing forward 9-months, Michelle’s perspective had completely shifted. She was sold on Hiddup Group, she had established a great relationship with her account manager, and was confident she could replicate similar results, with a larger amount.

Over the next 18 months, Michelle would go on to setup an SMSF, and invest $180,000 of her super with Hiddup Group. Though her terms are still maturing, Michelle has been able withdraw over $53,000, and still has around half a Bitcoin in her account!

Invested WithCash & Superannuation
Total Agreements3
First AgreementSeptember 2018
Starting Amount$1000.00
Total Invested$181,000.00
Currently Invested$181,000.00
Withdrawals To Date
Withdrawn2.80826894 BTC
Approx. Value$53,309.96
Current Position
Current Balance0.49809020 BTC
Current Approx. Balance$15,802.81
Overall Position
Total Rewards3.30635914 BTC
Total Gain$69,112.77
Overall Position$250,112.77
Total ROI38.18%

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  • Find out, how much you can potentially earn with a crypto SMSF on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.
  • Receive a ‘numbers-driven’ forecast on your potential returns over the next 3-5 years.
  • Get a step-by-step breakdown of blockchain mining, Hiddup, our business model, packages, SMSF crypto mining investment returns and features.
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Yes, it is legal to have a SMSF investing in cryptocurrencies and the mining of cryptocurrencies in Australia.

If Crypto mining ever becomes un-profitable, Hiddup will return your full investment.

No, Hiddup does not have any ongoing management costs for your Self Managed Super Fund. However, according to MoneySmart, there may be additional personal costs for maintaining a SMSF including legal fees, financial advice, tax and audit fees.

In Australia, SMSFs must adhere to super and tax laws and the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act.

The risks of cryptocurrency include low or negative returns. If you lose money through theft or fraud, you won’t have access to any special compensation schemes or to the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal. The trustees should also consider the continuity of the SMSF in the event of death, relationship breakdown or incapacity.