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Frequently Asked Questions

Managing My Mining Account

For deals under $5,000 (USD): 2 days
For deals over $5,000 (USD): 21 days 

KYC verification takes up to 7 days to confirm your identity. We recommend completing this ahead of time so that when you do wish to withdraw you can do so promptly without waiting for verification. 

KYC needs to be completed before making any withdrawals for compliance reasons and to adhere to Australian regulations and laws. KYC verification is for your own protection so that we can verify it is you making the withdrawal. 

Yes, to secure your account 2FA adds an additional layer of security to protect your Hiddup Group account.

Your Hiddup Group account offers the ability to generate an audit report over any specific period you require.

In most countries around the world you need to pay tax. Hiddup Group advises that you seek tax advice from a registered accountant in your country of residency.

This is done on a case by case basis (depending upon, among other things, the complexity of the changes, the need to verify identification and other documentary requirements are being met)

Up to 7 days depending on the nature of the change

Yes, Hiddup Group will on a daily basis send you all relevant updates via Telegram, including (withdrawals, deposits, systems updates).


NGS Group is a global business, compliant with all local jurisdictions, with registered offices in: Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and South Africa

Yes, you can visit Hiddup at 17/2 Elkhorn Avenue, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast at anytime during business hours. Or alternatively, call the office on 1300 001 647 to arrange a specific meeting time.

Sure you can. Hiddup Group has several partnership programs and in certain cases we may even offer you a country specific reseller rights. Just contact one of our offices and well be happy to arrange a meeting.

Wallets and Withdrawals

No. Hiddup Group will allocate you with your own personalized account manager, who will go through the various cloud based and hardware-based wallets available and step you through the different levels of security options to ensure that your mined coins are safely secured and stored at all times.  

Yes. You can also store up to 5 wallet addresses to your Hiddup Group Dashboard.

Absolutely not. It is your responsibility to keep your private keys and passwords safe and secure at all times. Your account manager will advise you on the latest and greatest ways to keep your funds safe.

Yes, all mined coins are securely stored offline in cold storage wallets. Hiddup Group offers secure offline storage solutions for members.

Withdrawals are checked manually in order to safeguard member funds from hacking attempts and processed within 24 hours. They are processed daily usually towards the end of the day and Monday to Friday. Withdrawals above $5,000 have a processing period of up to 7 days as per IMA

It takes 5 business days to verify a superannuation wallet.

Initial Mining Agreements "IMA"

As mining is an asset-based investment, during any part of the Initial Mining Agreement if it becomes clear to Hiddup Group that mining is no longer profitable or commercially viable, Hiddup Group agrees to refund 100% of the IMA upon 90 days’ notice.

Your minimum monthly returns are based on our business structure which incorporates fluctuations in mining returns, with safety margins. Members have generally exceeded Hiddup Group publicly advertised returns.

Mining profits are credited directly to your Hiddup Group account on a daily basis and are available for withdraw or reinvestment.

Bitcoin currently has the largest market cap as an individual coin and therefore represents currently the safest store of value.

What you need to know as an Hiddup Group member

NGS Group knows ahead of time what revenue will be generated through quite simply the cost of power versus computing power.

Flexibility to mine multiple coins on a daily basis allowing us to mine the most profitable coins at anytime.

NGS Group is constantly assigning new resources to the development of new technology and enhancements, such as power efficiency & liquid cooling systems to further improve revenue outputs and increase longevity of computer power systems.

Adopting energy efficient technology to empower people financially through new & emerging digital asset classes.

Blockchain Mining

Blockchain mining is the process of adding transaction records to the blockchain, which involves verifying transactions and creating new blocks on the blockchain network through solving mathematical riddles. Please refer to this article for further reading: What Is Blockchain Mining? Everything You Need to Know.

The mining process involves several steps:

  • Hashing Transactions: Pending transactions are hashed individually, creating a unique identifier for each transaction.
  • Creating a Merkle Tree: Transaction hashes are arranged in a hash tree structure to create a final hash known as the Merkle root.
  • Finding a Valid Block Header: Miners use a hash function to validate their candidate block by combining the Merkle root, previous block’s hash, and a nonce.
  • Broadcasting the Mined Block: When a valid block hash is found, the miner broadcasts the block to the network, and other nodes validate it.

Blockchain mining is used for:

  • Validating Transactions: Miners verify and add new transactions to the blockchain.
  • Confirming Transactions: Mining confirms the authenticity of transactions by adding them to the blocks.
  • Securing the Network: Miners collaborate to enhance network security and prevent fraudulent activity.

Yes, blockchain mining is completely legal in Australia.