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How Hiddup Helps Members Generate 6-16% PA Fixed-Rate Returns, Through Blockchain Mining

Hi there, and thanks for stopping by my page. Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in getting ahead financially and I’ve peaked your interest with what we do here at Hiddup.


To keep things super simple, we mainly help people one of 2 ways:

1. Generating passive income 

2. Strategies to get more out of your super


You can find more information on the page below including what we do, how we do it, member testimonials & our introductory guide.


But here’s the thing…after working in this space for a while, I know most people have a few questions, and I’ve found the best way to start is to have a quick 5-10 minute chat together.


I can help explain a bit more about what we do, how we generate our returns, and walk you through step-by-step, to help you work out if it’s a good fit. If you’re looking to get your money working harder for you, I promise that it’ll be worth your time.



Ryan Brown 

General Manager

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3 Reasons To Subscribing With NGS

1. Earn Up To 16% A Year

With our flexible Blockchain Mining packages, members can earn between 6-16% per annum.

2. Fixed-Rate Returns

Member returns are locked to a minimum-fixed rate, paid daily into your Hiddup account.

3. We Return Your Capital

At the end of your term, we'll return you 100% of your initial subscription amount.

How we help our members

These are just some of the reasons our members have partnered with Hiddup:

1. Generate Passive Income
We like to keep things simple for our members, offering ‘set and forget’ packages where the heavy lifting is all taken care of.
2. Earn Up To 16% Per Annum
With packages offering 6-16% pa, we offer some of highest yield you’ll find anywhere.
3. Receive Your Initial Capital Back
At the end of your mining agreement, we'll return 100% of your initial subscription capital back to your Hiddup account.
4. Generate Capital Growth
Our packages allow members the choice to 'lock in' their returns, or accumulate them for capital growth.
5. Minimum-Fixed Rate Returns
We take the guesswork out of things. Know ahead of time, exactly what you'll earn with our minimum fixed-rate returns.
6. Interest Paid Daily
Forget monthly or annual payouts, with Hiddup you can check your account balance, transact or withdraw your money - anywhere, anytime.

Hear Direct From Hiddup Members

Their experiences & success with Hiddup

About Hiddup

Formed in 2018, Hiddup is an Australian-Owned and operated Blockchain Mining company, currently based in QLD, Australia. We help our members to achieve fixed-rate returns ranging from 6-16% per annum, returning members their initial subscription in-full at the end of their term. 

With hundreds of members internationally, and a proven track record of never paying out a member less than their advertised return over the past 5 years, Hiddup is establishing themselves as one of Australia’s leaders in the space.

Our 5 Promises To Our Members

The following policies have been designed to give our members peace of mind when partnering with Hiddup and are stipulated within members Initial Mining Agreement (IMA):

1. We Pay Our Members Between 6%- 16% Per Annum
Hiddup will pay its members between 6% to 16% per annum, as stated in their IMA for the duration of their Blockchain Mining Package.
2. We Refund Members Initial Capital In-Full, At the Completion of Your Term
Upon the completion of your term, we will refund 100% of members initial capital their Hiddup account or designated wallet.
3. We Will Refund Members Initial Capital In-Full, If Blockchain Mining Becomes Unprofitable
If, for some reason, Blockchain becomes unprofitable throughout your term, and we are unable to maintain your current returns, we will refund 100% of your initial capital.
4. We Pay Our Members a Fixed-Rate Of Return
Once an agreement is signed, Hiddup will honour the minimum-fixed rate of returns as stated in the members IMA. Meaning member returns are locked in at a fixed-rate and will not fluctuate over the course of their agreement.
5. We Pay Members Daily
Hiddup’s returns are calculated and paid into their Hiddup account every single day. Members returns are paid in Bitcoin where members can withdraw or transact with their returns as they see fit.

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