NGSCRYPTO has rebranded to Hiddup

Sharon's Story

Sharon Bellamy

What Sharon appreciated about Hiddup: interest paid daily, good returns, consistency. Hear her story and thoughts on Hiddup that “you’re not getting in the banks.”

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Her key takeaway:

“The benefits are that they pay interest daily, which is the main thing that we wanted. Some money put aside that’s making interest daily, which you’re not getting in the banks.”

The Returns:

Very good. We’ve got two different accounts, so they both pay in and they’re very good returns, very steady.

The Dashboard & Backend System:

Very easy. Once you get used to it, it’s like anything new. But very easy to use. Oh, really good, really good. As soon as I go in there to move money or do anything someone rings and says, “Was that okay?” So, it’s excellent.

What would you rate Hiddup/10?

9/ 10.

Would You recommend Hiddup To Others?

Yes, I have.

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