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September 26, 2023

Crypto Pros And Cons – Weighing the advantages and disadvantages

Crypto Pros and Cons
Katya Richardson

Written by Katya Richardson

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Crypto Pros And Cons - Weighing the advantages and disadvantages

In this digital age, we’ve witnessed the emergence of a unique currency known as cryptocurrency, which has been brought into existence by the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto. Notable examples include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and numerous others, with these digital assets having gained significant attention due to their potential for high profits.

But since they first appeared, cryptocurrencies have garnered both support and controversy. Some people find this new concept exciting, while others find it confusing. The reasons behind these mixed feelings are many.
On one hand, cryptocurrencies are viewed as potential disruptors in the world of finance. They use blockchain technology and offer various advantages such as the potential for profit gains and simple transactions. However, cryptocurrencies are not immune to challenges, such as cryptocurrency scams and high energy consumption.

If you are seeking a deeper understanding of cryptocurrencies. This article will delve into a comprehensive examination of the advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency.

What are The Main Advantages of Cryptocurrency?

Simple Transactions

One of the key advantages of cryptocurrencies lies in their streamlined and highly secure transaction process, which surpasses that of many other forms of transactions such as bank transactions, cheque transactions, and wire transfers. Utilizing a straightforward smartphone app, hardware wallets, or exchange wallets, individuals can easily send and receive various cryptocurrencies, highlighting the accessibility and convenience that this technology offers.

Affordable Fees and Short Settlement Times

Cryptocurrency trading offers various benefits, including low transaction fees for bitcoin and ether, ranging from small amounts to larger sums. This cost-effectiveness is possible because cryptocurrencies operate on decentralized networks, cutting out the need for banks and middlemen.

The short settlement times mean that cryptocurrency transactions happen quickly, taking just seconds or minutes. This is a sharp contrast to traditional banking systems, where international transfers can drag on for several business days, particularly when they involve crossing borders.

Potential for Profit Gains

Unsurprisingly Bitcoin has beaten all other assets over the last 12 years. When Bitcoin first appeared in 2009 it had little worth, but it has since skyrocketed in value, reaching an all-time high of $105,935 AUD in 2021.

24-Hour Markets

Bitcoin increase 2023

Cryptocurrency markets operate every day of the week, 24 hours a day, highlighting the economic advantages of cryptocurrencies. Traditional financial markets often experience significant price fluctuations during news events or developments that occur outside of trading hours. In contrast, cryptocurrency markets are always open, which means that they can react more quickly to breaking news, reducing the impact of price gaps when trading resumes after a weekend or holiday.

Payments Made Across Borders

Cryptocurrencies are not constrained by national borders, which is a big benefit over fiat currency. A person in one country can send crypto to a person in another country without any further complications. For example:

  • Speed (An international bank transfer can take several days to complete due to the processes banks must follow to send money across borders. Cryptocurrency transfers, on the other hand, can be much faster, often completing within only in minutes)
  • Intermediaries (Traditional methods might rope in several banks, especially if there’s no direct link between the sender’s and receiver’s banks. Each extra step can mean more delays and fees. With cryptocurrencies, it’s a direct transaction that means cutting out the middlemen)

Managed and Self-Governed

Self-governing has had a significant impact on the cryptocurrency industry, encouraging transparency, accountability, and consumer protection. This approach of cryptocurrencies has served to create trust and legitimacy in a rapidly evolving industry by developing industry standards, guidelines, and codes of conduct.

Self-governing also can aid in the establishment of confidence and legitimacy in a rapidly changing industry. It’s demonstrating that the industry is being proactive and responsible about protecting investors, preventing fraud, protecting against cyber-attacks and stamping out scams


Another significant benefit of cryptocurrency is its accessibility. To get started, all you need is internet connectivity and a computer or smartphone. In comparison to the typically protracted process of establishing an account with a traditional financial institution, the setup of a cryptocurrency wallet is notably expedient. In Australia, cryptocurrency exchanges typically mandate Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures for account initiation, with supplementary verifications essential for facilitating withdrawals or transfers.


Security is one of the most significant crypto benefits. Nobody can authorize transactions or access your funds unless they have access to your Crypto wallet’s private key. Furthermore, transactions are secure due to the design of blockchain technology and the distributed computer network that validates exchanges. As processing power is added to the network, it becomes safer.

What are The Main Disadvantages of Cryptocurrency?

High Consumption of Energy

Mining requires a lot of computer power and electricity, making it a particularly energy-intensive process. It is not possible to do so with conventional computers. That’s why many people engage in debates over the environmental impact of mining and the need to change. That is why these days, miners are heading towards a greener path. More and more miners are adopting sustainable practices and harnessing renewable energy sources. For example, El Salvador uses natural energy from volcanoes to mine crypto, steering the crypto world onto a greener track.

Cryptocurrency Scams

Scams within the cryptocurrency industry are becoming prevalent as adoption increases. As more people start using cryptocurrency, these scams are becoming more common. Some common scams are Phishing, Pump-and-Dump, Impersonation, etc. It’s important for everyone to be careful, do their research before buying or selling cryptocurrency, and never share your personal details or access keys.

Decentralised but Still Operated by Some Organizations

The fact that cryptocurrency is decentralised is well-recognised. However, some currency issuers and organisations still hold influence over the circulation and quantity of certain currencies. Another drawback of cryptocurrency is that these holders can significantly impact the coin’s price with substantial volatility. It’s worth noting that not all cryptocurrencies are equally volatile, and it’s crucial to thoroughly research any cryptocurrencies before considering investment.

No Refund or Cancellation

If people send crypto to the wrong address, the sender cannot retrieve the asset. This underscores the importance of being extremely cautious and diligent when sending cryptocurrencies. It’s crucial to verify and double-check all the details of the recipient’s address before initiating the transaction to avoid any irreversible mistakes

With an understanding of the pros and cons of cryptocurrencies, you may be considering investment options.

Our guide How to Invest in Cryptocurrency in Australia covers everything from selecting the right exchange to understanding market trends, specifically tailored for Australian investors.

While exploring the advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrencies, it’s also important to consider the legal context in which they operate. The legal status of cryptocurrencies can significantly influence both their advantages and disadvantages. If you’re interested in understanding how this plays out in a specific country, such as Australia, our article Is Cryptocurrency Legal in Australia? offers an in-depth exploration of the legal landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies in Australia. This information can add another layer to your understanding of the pros and cons of engaging with cryptocurrencies.

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