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September 26, 2023

Ryal Harris – A Journey of Speed, Victory and Legacy

Katya Richardson

Written by Katya Richardson

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Ryal Harris: A Journey of Speed, Victory and Legacy

Hiddup is proud to be a sponsor of Ryal Harris, a name synonymous with speed, skill, and a rich legacy in the racing world. From his early days of karting on the Gold Coast to making history in the V8 Ute series, Ryal’s journey is a testament to his relentless pursuit of victory and his indomitable spirit. Join us as we delve into the remarkable career of the most successful V8 Ute driver in history and celebrate his full-time return to SuperUtes in 2023.

Early Beginnings:

Ryal’s love for racing ignited at the tender age of 11, where he swiftly made a name for himself in the karting circuits of the Gold Coast. Demonstrating prodigious talent, he clinched his first title in just his second year and went on to secure over 14 State and National titles between 1998 and 2002, racing against some of Australia’s finest karters.

Stepping into the Big League:

At 16, Ryal’s burgeoning talent caught the eye of Dick Johnson Racing, who welcomed him as a junior development driver. This pivotal moment marked his debut in the V8 Ute series in 2004. Despite facing budgetary constraints, Ryal’s breakthrough came in 2011 when he joined BIG GUN RACING. His tenure with the team saw him clinch 8 race wins in a single year and narrowly miss out on the title.

A Legacy of Championships:

Ryal’s racing prowess saw him secure back-to-back championships in 2012 and 2013, and another title in 2015, earning him the distinction of a three-time Champion of the sport. A potential fourth title in 2017 was within reach, but a penalty in the final race at Newcastle dashed his hopes.

Record-Breaking Achievements

With over 50 race wins, 13 pole positions, and numerous lap records, Ryal Harris has etched his name in the annals of V8 Ute racing history. He made a remarkable V8 Supercar debut at Bathurst in 2014, securing a top-ten result in his first attempt. In 2018, at 32, Ryal continued to make history by winning the inaugural SUPERUTE race in Adelaide, marking his debut in the EFS 4X4 ACCESSORIES, WEST END MAZDA BT-50 ran by Peters Motorsport.

The Shoey Craze:

Beyond the racetrack, Ryal Harris is also credited with starting the ‘shoey’ craze on motor racing podiums, adding a touch of fun and uniqueness to the celebrations. DANIEL Ricciardo has done it. So has Valentino Rossi. But the craze of drinking from your boot on the motor racing podium was started by this Australian Ute driver, Ryal Harris. 

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Hiddup and Ryal Harris

As we journey alongside Ryal Harris, we are delighted to share a collection of cherished moments that highlight our partnership. These photographs showcase the camaraderie between Ryal and our dedicated team, encapsulating the mutual respect and shared passion that define our collaboration. Hiddup is immensely proud to stand with Ryal, supporting his endeavours and celebrating his triumphs, as we continue to forge a path of success and create lasting memories together.

Full-Time Return to SuperUtes in 2023

As Ryal makes his full-time return to SuperUtes in 2023, Hiddup is excited to be part of his journey and look forward to witnessing more of his thrilling performances and victories. 

For more details on Ryal’s return, visit SuperUte’s announcement.

Ryal Harris’s journey is one of passion, determination, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Hiddup is proud to sponsor such a remarkable athlete and are eager to see what the future holds for him. For more information on Ryal Harris and his illustrious career, visit his official website at

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