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November 10, 2021

Valkyrie Announces The Launch Of Its 6th Investment Vehicle

The Valkyrie Zilliqa Trust

Valkyrie Investments Inc. has recently announced the launch of it’s sixth investment vehicle – The Valkyrie Zilliqa Trust (the “Trust”).

The latest Trust announced by the Nashville based investment firm who specializes in “alternative asset management at the intersection of traditional finance and the emerging cryptocurrency sector” will be the first investment vehicle offered at Valkyrie to invest solely in Zilliqa (ZIL), the digital asset that powers the Zilliqa blockchain network.

The main objective of the latest Trust is to reflect the enormous value of ZIL and to offer their investors, giving them exposure and access to the cryptocurrency in an insurable, lucrative manner. The Trust will be put on the list with their five other trusts which include; Valkyrie Bitcoin Trust, Valkyrie Polkadot Trust, Valkyrie Algorand Trust, Valkyrie Dash Trust and Valkyrie Tron Trust.

Zilliqa came to life at the National University of Singapore and is considered the “brainchild” of a specialized team that includes academics, entrepreneurs and engineers, backed by peer-reviewed academic research.


Being powered by the first peer-reviewed and safe-by-design smart contract language known as Scilla, Zilliqa became the first public blockchain platform in the world to successfully utilize sharding as a scaling solution.


Sharding allows the blockchain to be able to measure in a linear manner, ensuring that the ZIL platform can scale to meet the needs of a rapidly growing ecosystem of miners and application.


Mark Ten Caten, CEO and Founder of Hiddup, Australia’s leading Blockchain Mining Firm, has over 20 years’ experience and knowledge within the wealth creation field and is a well known professional within the Blockchain Mining and Digital Asset space.

Ten Caten has himself been behind the innovation and driving wheel of expert programming with the birth of Hiddup.

Formed in 2018, Hiddup is a financial technology (Fintech) company, designed to help all members generate safe and consistent, high-return on investment; Helping them to build life-changing wealth.

“Upon establishment, our goal was to give our members access to a new asset class in a way that was secure, free from volatility and yet still produced high returns. Essentially, we set out to create a product that could generate predictable, consistent returns; Without risking our members initial capital through speculation or investing in assets and merely ‘hoping the market goes up’. In essence, we wanted to create a product that offered our members the lowest amount of risk, with the highest possible returns – that could withstand any market or global financial collapses or recessions. After years of research & development globally, we began offering our products to consumers in Australia in August of 2017.