NGSCRYPTO has rebranded to Hiddup

February 15, 2024

Announcement: Rebrand

Katya Richardson

Written by Katya Richardson

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Announcement: We're Rebranding!

Since our inception in 2018, Hiddup has led the way in the cryptocurrency arena as a pioneering brand. Rooted in a dedication to innovation and excellence, we are now embarking on a transformative journey, unveiling a fresh identity: Hiddup.

What first prompted us to reassess our brand identity and direction was an active trademark case with another business. Faced with the challenge of protecting our intellectual property while also staying true to our values, the leadership team at Hiddup saw an opportunity for reinvention.

Driven by a passion for progress and dedication to our community, Hiddup set out to create something fresh, yet familiar. Thus, Hiddup was born—a name that reflects the brand’s commitment to empowering individuals to rise above challenges and take control of their financial future. 

The transition from Hiddup to Hiddup is not merely a name change, but a comprehensive reimagining of the brand’s ethos, aesthetics, and mission. With a renewed focus on inclusivity, accessibility, and innovation, Hiddup aims to redefine the cryptocurrency mining landscape and inspire confidence in its users.

Central to this transformation is our unwavering dedication to our customers. Through transparent communication, user-friendly interfaces, and cutting-edge technology, Hiddup strives to create a seamless and enriching experience for all who engage with its platform.

As Hiddup emerges onto the scene, it carries with it the legacy of Hiddup—a legacy of integrity, reliability, and forward-thinking. With this foundation as its bedrock, Hiddup looks toward the future with optimism and determination, ready to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.

As Hiddup takes its first steps into the world, it does so with a sense of excitement, anticipation, and the firm belief that the best is yet to come.


Why are you changing from Hiddup to Hiddup now?

Due to an ongoing trade mark dispute with another company, Hiddup has decided to rebrand to Hiddup to avoid any confusion and differentiate our business.

Does this mean my contract will need to be changed?

No, your existing agreement and terms are maintained as they are.

Who can I speak to about this change?

You can call us on 1300001647

What does this mean for my Package with Hiddup Group?

There are no changes to your existing package as a result of this re-brand.

Will this mean new agreements are under Hiddup?

Yes, when Hiddup officially launches, all new agreements will be underneath it. The switchover date will be confirmed and communicated to members over the coming months.

Will the dashboard look different?

For the immediate launch, the dashboard will remain the same. However, we are looking at creating a new members portal and an app that will give our members greater features and usability.

Will my login details change?

No, your existing login details will remain. If you have any trouble logging in please reach out to us on 1300001647

What date will this change occur?

We are doing a soft rebrand with a slow transition across the next 8-12 weeks to ensure no disruption to our service for our members and a smooth transition. An exact date will be communicated closer to time.

What does Hiddup mean?

The name “Hiddup,” originating from the Indonesian word for “life,” embodies a sense of uniqueness and originality. It acts as a driving force for our progression to the next level of digital asset adoption, all while honouring our global presence with offices in Indonesia and Hong Kong.

How do you update members on changes?

We have a weekly newsletter which provides updates on the various topics. We also have a Telegram Group ( which we regularly update.

What is the new URL for the dashboard?

This will be communicated closer to time to members via our weekly member newsletter, a blog, social media posts and our Telegram Group.

I'm from the media who can I speak to?

Media enquiries should be directed to

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